People management, career tracks, promotions, and demotions.

Check your GitHub news in one table


Dashpanel is just the thing for when you really want to support your community but lost track of what’s happening across your repositories.

To Management and Back


Have you switched to management at some point in your career and regretted it a while later?

After 100+ Interviews as a Hiring Manager in Engineering


Did you know that your cover letter won’t be read and that your CV will be looked at for a few seconds at most? Let’s take a look at job applications from a hiring manager’s perspective.

What even is “Senior”?


“Senior Software Developer” — says the text on the business card. But what makes someone senior? Is it the age? Is it the years in the business? Know-how? There’s a sometimes heated and, to some extent, endless debate going on what makes an engineer senior.

A Recap on Managing People From Home


Turns out, this working remotely thing might be better than what we used to do in the office.

Dear Startups - Learn to Hire


In the last seven months I ventured into the world of startups and learned one thing especially: They really need to learn how to hire people and how to appreciate candidates they don’t hire. This is not about human resources. It is about people working with people.