Java is one of the main workhorses of the industry. It might not always be shiny, but it gets the job done.

Mockito is Bad for Your Code


Mockito, a tool to make mocking easy, is actively encouraging test code. Here’s why.

Building an API-driven software: OpenAPI


Now that we have all the basics covered it is time to implement OpenAPI / Swagger in our project.

Building an API-driven software: Database Access


Since our API-driven software is now running, let’s get started on the database.

Building an API-driven software: Setting up the backend


Let’s start our API driven software by setting up our basics for the backend.

Building an API-driven software: The Plan


Building up a stack with OpenAPI, Spring Boot, SpringFox, React, typescript and Material-UI.

Working with Certificates in Java


Let’s face it, the Java crypto API is a mess. It is extremely hard to use, and very confusing. Let’s try and make sense of this sorry excuse for an API.