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Software Engineering 48

Writing good code is hard. This tag includes posts about concepts and best practices in Software Engineering.

DevOps 38

Cloud environments, Linux, deploying software you didn’t write.

Clean Code 17

Writing good code is hard. Clean code principles make it somewhat easier.

Containers 13

(Linux) containers have rapidly become the tool of choice for deploying applications. Here we talk about how they work.

Go 13

Go is a popular programming language used mainly for cloud-related tasks. This tag contains all posts related to Go.

Networks 8

Computer networks can be tricky beasts. These posts describe some of the intricacies.


Everything about connecting applications or cloud services together.

Cloud 7

In these posts we talk about using or building cloud providers.

Java 6

Java is one of the main workhorses of the industry. It might not always be shiny, but it gets the job done.

Management 6

People management, career tracks, promotions, and demotions.

Security 5

Vulnerabilities, attacks against software, things a software developer should know.

Work-Life 5

As a society, we talk a lot about work-life balance and periodically find new names for it. You’ll find posts about mindfulness, life, work, and other general topics here.

Docker 4

Posts about the Docker container engine.

Exim 4

Exim is a powerful e-mail server. We have a few posts about it here.

Law 4

Sometimes we need to talk about the legal (or illegal) side of things.


PHP is often frowned upon as a subpar language, but it can be a powerful tool to get something done, especially when websites are concerned.

JavaScript 2

JavaScript is a scripting language in your browser that gives dynamic functionality to your website.