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Into the new School Year with Open Source and YouTuber Spirit

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Instead of doing the same old bad slides combined with bad audio on Zoom, let’s learn from YouTubers and dig into free and open source tools to change the way we teach in the face of the pandemic.

TCP connections can break silently


Are you thinking of using Microservices? Here’s something you may not know: TCP connections can break entirely silently.

Mockito is Bad for Your Code


Mockito, a tool to make mocking easy, is actively encouraging test code. Here’s why.

What even is “Senior”?


“Senior Software Developer” — says the text on the business card. But what makes someone senior? Is it the age? Is it the years in the business? Know-how? There’s a sometimes heated and, to some extent, endless debate going on what makes an engineer senior.

Don’t Block ICMP


“Don’t ping my server!” — is the sentiment among many sysadmins, and usually leads to a full-on ICMP blocking. But, it’s a terrible idea. Here’s why.

The (painful) Enterprise Way to the Cloud


Use the cloud, they said. It will be great, they said. Why is it painful then?

Go is a terrible language


Go certainly caught a lot of attention. Let’s look at the bad parts!

Go is an awesome language


Go certainly caught a lot of attention. Let’s look at the good parts!

Building a custom SSH server for fun and... containers!


Let’s build an SSH server in Go that launches Docker containers for each session!