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I started my technology adventures before the year 2000 by learning HTML and using Blender. The next step was Linux and over two decades later I am now a Software Engineer after having managed teams and budgets at several well-known companies.

Besides being a mom, I’m also researching for my Engineering doctorate and generally trying to optimize life and help others do the same where possible.

You’ll find all posts I wrote or co-wrote here together with my husband Janos. We code, cycle, and play video games.

You can also find me on GitHub.

A Recap on Managing People From Home


Turns out, this working remotely thing might be better than what we used to do in the office.

Nightmare Before Easter: Getting Back to Programming


At home, after a discussion about hardware, password managers, and IDEs, we went to the topic of programming.

Strong Opinions Weakly Held OR The Day I Bought Two Echo Devices


Hello, I have an order for I.C. Wiener.

Dear Startups - Learn to Hire


In the last seven months I ventured into the world of startups and learned one thing especially: They really need to learn how to hire people and how to appreciate candidates they don’t hire. This is not about human resources. It is about people working with people.