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I started my technology adventures before the year 2000 by learning HTML and using Blender. The next step was Linux and over two decades later I am now a Software Engineer after having managed teams and budgets at several well-known companies.

Besides being a mom, I’m also researching for my Engineering doctorate and generally trying to optimize life and help others do the same where possible.

You’ll find all posts I wrote or co-wrote here together with my husband Janos. We code, cycle, and play video games.

You can also find me on GitHub.

Check your GitHub news in one table


Dashpanel is just the thing for when you really want to support your community but lost track of what’s happening across your repositories.

To Management and Back


Have you switched to management at some point in your career and regretted it a while later?

Our first ever CTF was challenging fun

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During the last two days we participated in our first ever security CTF, and it was awesome.

Automatically Updating GitHub Inventory in Google Sheets


If you’ve ever gotten lost in the sea of repositories of 1+ GitHub organizations, there’s a quick way to get an overview within minutes. Let’s take a look at how to achieve that for free using just Google Sheets and the GitHub API.

Exchanging social media for productivity and health

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If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably typed something like “should I quit social media” or similar expressions of the same thought into your favorite search engine. Don’t you worry, we’ll feed your confirmation bias right here.

50 Evil Uses for Drones


Inspired (triggered?) by a good friend’s post on LinkedIn that was talking about all the good that comes from drones, I accepted his challenge to write a quick list of at least 50 evil uses that come to my mind to demonstrate why my future vision of mini-artilleries on roofs is perfectly reasonable.

After 100+ Interviews as a Hiring Manager in Engineering


Did you know that your cover letter won’t be read and that your CV will be looked at for a few seconds at most? Let’s take a look at job applications from a hiring manager’s perspective.

Into the new School Year with Open Source and YouTuber Spirit

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Instead of doing the same old bad slides combined with bad audio on Zoom, let’s learn from YouTubers and dig into free and open source tools to change the way we teach in the face of the pandemic.


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ContainerSSH is an SSH server that launches containers in Kubernetes, Docker, and Podman for each new SSH connection. You can find the documentation, downloads, and development over at