👋 Hi!

I’m a software engineer specializing in server applications and system-level software development, but sometimes I venture into the front end world too. Quite often I find myself taking a deep dive into a topic that tickles my brain.

When I’m not coding I like spending time outdoors, such as cycling, climbing. We are writing this blog together with my partner Sanja.

You can find most of my work on GitHub.

Fundamentals: VLANs explained


How do you run multiple networks over the same physical network? How do virtual LANs work?

Fundamentals: Ethernet explained


Ethernet is one of the most fundamental protocols underpinning todays internet. It is so fundamental that we often take it as granted and don’t even think about it.

Why Immutability Matters


I’ve talked about immutable objects in clean code before, but what exactly are they? Why do we use them?

Why should you use interfaces?


I’ve received the same question from a fair number of people: why would you even use interfaces?

Hexagonal React


ReactJS is a workhorse of frontend development, but it doesn’t do so well in terms of S.O.L.I.D. Can we change it by adopting a classic approach?

The Cookie Cutter Architecture


When it comes to business applications, you need an architecture that scales well. This is my take, based on Uncle Bobs EBI.

Make AWS less painful with Lambda functions


Amazon Web Services can sometimes be a royal pain in the backside, especially because a lot of their services are not entirely feature complete. A lot of these gaps can, however, be filled with Amazon Lambda.

Why testing is hard


Why do so many developers struggle with testing? Why don’t we all have 9x% test coverage on our code?

Fixing upload filters...


Here’s a thought experiment: how would I fix the upload filter law?