👋 Hi!

I’m a software engineer specializing in server applications and system-level software development, but sometimes I venture into the front end world too. Quite often I find myself taking a deep dive into a topic that tickles my brain.

When I’m not coding I like spending time outdoors, such as cycling, climbing. We are writing this blog together with my partner Sanja.

You can find most of my work on GitHub.

We are at war


There’s an invisible war being waged in the IT industry. A war to find out which way is the best to produce code.



C-scanner was a tool to check compliance rules against cloud providers like AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and more.

A beginners guide to unit testing


Having anxiety attacks before deployment? Do you keep breaking stuff that already worked? Unit tests are here to help!

Your choice of IDE matters


Your IDE is your best friend when it comes to being efficient. Why do so many people not use it?

Gentoo as a Docker build system?


Gentoo compiles everything from source, which sounds it might not be useful for Docker. Yet, it can be made to build a sub-100 MB image for PHP…

What the *** is an IoC container?


Just what in the name of the allmighy bit is an IoC / Dependency Injection container? If find that this confuses a lot of people. Let’s dig into it.

Make all classes final!


I have a pretty radical suggestion for clean code: make all your classes final!

Why people want Kubernetes?


I’ve previously argued that running Kubernetes is hard. Why do people still want it? Let’s look past the hype train and take a gander through the valuable things k8s provides.

What people misunderstand about OOP


Is OOP dead? Is Functional Programming the future? Some articles seem to suggest so. I would tend to disagree. Let’s discuss!