👋 Hi!

I’m a software engineer specializing in server applications and system-level software development, but sometimes I venture into the front end world too. Quite often I find myself taking a deep dive into a topic that tickles my brain.

When I’m not coding I like spending time outdoors, such as cycling, climbing. We are writing this blog together with my partner Sanja.

You can find most of my work on GitHub.

The (painful) Enterprise Way to the Cloud


Use the cloud, they said. It will be great, they said. Why is it painful then?

Go is a terrible language


Go certainly caught a lot of attention. Let’s look at the bad parts!

Go is an awesome language


Go certainly caught a lot of attention. Let’s look at the good parts!

Building a custom SSH server for fun and... containers!


Let’s build an SSH server in Go that launches Docker containers for each session!


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ContainerSSH is an SSH server that launches containers in Kubernetes, Docker, and Podman for each new SSH connection. You can find the documentation, downloads, and development over at ContainerSSH.io.

Forwarding IP traffic through a VPN


You have two servers and want to serve the traffic for an IP address on one server from another server?

Building an API-driven software: OpenAPI


Now that we have all the basics covered it is time to implement OpenAPI / Swagger in our project.

Getting started with Docker for the Inquisitive Mind


There are a million Docker tutorials out on the Internet, but few explain what’s actually going on behind the scenes when you issue your first commands. So let’s take a look!

Building an API-driven software: Database Access


Since our API-driven software is now running, let’s get started on the database.