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We are Software Engineers with well over a decade of experience in the industry each. On this page you’ll find posts about technology, life in IT, our projects, and more.

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To Management and Back


Have you switched to management at some point in your career and regretted it a while later?

Getting into digital electronics


Hardware. For a software engineer. What could possibly go wrong?

Our first ever CTF was challenging fun

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During the last two days we participated in our first ever security CTF, and it was awesome.

Trojan Source Detector


A few hours ago the Trojan Source exploit went out of embargo, and we already have a tool to check your source code for it.

gotestfmt: go test output for humans


Reading the go test output can be quite tiresome, especially when multiple tests are running in parallel. While IDEs make our lives easier, CI systems don’t have that advantage. Let’s fix that!

The 512-byte VM


What’s the smallest virtual machine you could create? Or, why would you want one?


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ContainerSSH is an SSH server that launches containers in Kubernetes, Docker, and Podman for each new SSH connection. You can find the documentation, downloads, and development over at ContainerSSH.io.

Project News

gotestfmt 2.2.0: Output Formatters

Do you want to further format the test case output? Now you can.

gotestfmt 2.1.0: Flag to show test status printed out

Confused by the icons? A contribution by Martin Petkov now adds the option to add a written status text. Also, bugfixes.

gotestfmt 2.0.0: switching to JSON output

Gotestfmt now runs exclusively on JSON output.

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We are two software engineers who love to write, have a passion for education, and like to build software projects.

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I’m a software engineer specializing in server applications and system-level software development, but sometimes I venture into the front end world too. Quite often I find myself taking a deep dive into a topic that tickles my brain.

When I’m not coding I like spending time outdoors, such as cycling, climbing.


After several roles ranging from writing to program and people management at large companies, I have found the most satisfaction when I have fewer meetings. That’s when I decided to focus on Engineering and am currently researching for my doctorate in visualization with deep learning and working as an engineer in virtualization.